There?s a lot of research out now that shows that multi-tasking is actually slowing us down.

I first heard about this while reading the book, The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

This book is a great read about focusing on one thing at a time and how effective that strategy is when deciding how to spend our time and how to get the right things done.

If we focus instead on one thing at a time, we are way more efficient and will get a lot more done, faster and with less energy expended.

I think I also read about the concepts of time blocking in Tim Ferris? book, The Four-Hour Work Week.

He talked about setting time blocks for specific activities, like checking email. Tim recommends only checking email during these specific blocks of time that have scheduled and only doing that one thing.

I?ve noticed in my life that focusing on one task at a time and pre-planning time blocks has been a huge help for focus and getting more done with less energy expended.

Sometimes this means setting up rules for both yourself and others. If you work with people who are constantly interrupting you, you?ll be constantly losing focus.

Telling these people that you are starting a new focusing routine will be a great first start. Let them know you?ll be having do not disturb hours and then also specific times where your door is open.

For yourself, this may mean turning off notifications during the times you?ve set aside to focus. Then you can check your phone at your set times. This keeps the mind focused on the task you?ve set to work on.

The notifications act as a distraction, like multi-tasking, and the brain is switching from one thing to another and this drains our energy and focus.

What are some ways you can start focusing on one thing instead of multi-tasking?

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