My mentor, Brooke Castillo, has been talking a lot about feelings lately. Feelings are the same as emotions, described usually in one word, and are simply physical vibrations in our bodies.

That?s kinda weird to think about feelings as vibrations in our bodies, right? What do they really feel like?

Excitement for me feels really light and like a rushing up from my chest through my head.

Fear feels closed and hard in my stomach.

Irritation feels like my skin is tingly and I?m on edge.

For many of the more ?negative? feelings, we do everything we can to avoid feeling them. We eat, drink, shop, busy ourselves so that we can feel different.

The problem is that by avoiding the feeling, it only persists. The only way we can actually feel different is to think different thoughts.

Often, however, we just need to let the feeling be there and let it pass.

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn, and it?s still for sure a work in progress.

I?ve noticed lately the feeling of irritation. And, since I?m on a diet, I?m not going to food or drink to solve it, so the feeling is even stronger. It?s been powerful to notice it, and then let it be there, and then watch it pass.

Is there a feeling that you try to avoid, but it just continues to persist because you?re avoiding it? What if you just let yourself feel it and tell yourself it?s ok to feel it?

Once we?re willing to feel any feeling, the doors of possibility open even wider for us.

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