A lot of my life these days is about trying new things, going new places, meeting new people, working on new projects.

While newness is super exciting for me, there is also the element of fear that we all face when encountering something new.

Why is this?

Our brains want us to stay the same, to continue with the familiar, in an attempt to keep us safe.

For each new thing, the brain is saying, ?No! Don?t do this! We will die!?

We know that?s not really true though. Going to a new networking meeting or writing a new proposal is not going to literally kill us.

But the brain provides the same kinds of signals as if they were.

No wonder we feel the fear!

Yet, to grow and evolve as humans and to live at our highest potential and achieve our goals, we must continue to venture into new territory.

The brain will continue to produce the fear until we?ve done the thing enough for it to become familiar again.

Until then, and as we keep doing new things, we can only acknowledge the fear and keep going anyway.

We can tell the brain, ?Thank you for caring,? and then continue with the new thing.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. I love this saying, and I continue to say it to myself as I keep doing these new things.

Are you ready for more new things in your life? Are you letting fear stop you from going towards these new things? How would life be different if you felt the fear but did it anyway?

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