Annoyance, discomfort, angst. I?m amazed at how quickly these emotions can creep up in my day-to-day.

All emotions are simply vibrations in our physical bodies, which are caused by our thoughts.

Often, we notice the emotion but haven?t tuned into what we are thinking, so we believe the emotion is an automatic response outside of our control.

We attribute our emotion to what?s going on around us.

I ended up spending more time than I would have liked on something today. I blamed the thing for making me feel annoyed.

But it was actually the thought that ?I spent more time on this than I should have? that is causing the annoyed feeling.

I could have spent the same amount of time and had a different thought like ?It?s ok, I wanted to make sure this got done,? which would have provided a feeling of assuredness instead of annoyance.

So, knowing that my thoughts create my feelings, I used to think this meant I should always be changing my thoughts to positive ones, so that I could feel good.

But the contrast of emotions is human and necessary.

It?s taken me a while to really get this, but it?s ok to have negative emotions and positive emotions.

Being aware of them and managing them is the key to fully living.

Once we are able to accept the contrast, then we don?t have to always be trying to avoid or distract from our emotions.

When you notice yourself feeling annoyance or discomfort, notice the way you?re thinking about the situation and recognize that it is your perspective that is causing the feeling.

Then, you can choose to keep it or change it, and either is ok.