I got some coaching for myself today from Bill Sumner, The Inevitable You, and wow! I had a huge insight the coach directed me to: ?I am my own validation.”

I had noticed that I’d been looking for validation from others or from signs or something outside of myself, but it hadn?t occurred to me that only I can be my validation. Wow.

Is there something in your life that you?ve been seeking validation about? Validation that you?re making the right choice, following the right path, spending time the right way, doing the right thing?

How freeing would it be to realize that no validation will be found from others or from signs or from reading and learning? Instead, we are our own validation. We choose for ourselves. What we choose is right.

Even just a few minutes of coaching can help us see ways that we?ve been looking at situations differently and in ways that are more empowering and that will move us forward in life.

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