This week, I?m working with some of my clients on the process, Clarity Through Contrast, from the book, Law of Attraction by Michael Losier.

I learned this process from my coach training at Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).

The process helps us to identify our desires and desired results (goals, dreams, etc), and create the right mental framework for achieving them.

In reference to the Law of Attraction, whatever we?re focused on is what we?re experiencing in life.

In other words, you find what you?re looking for.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Just depends on how you?re looking at it. And this will be what you experience, and this will be what?s true for you. Your reality.

Do you look for the good in people? Or, are you on the look out for other?s flaws?

You will find what you look for.

Do you celebrate your accomplishments each day, and therefore continue to build momentum toward more and more accomplishment?

Or, do you see the list of tasks that weren?t accomplished and focus on the lack of accomplishment, therefore continuing the cycle of feeling behind each day?

If you want to reframe your focus to look for the positive, and therefore receive more positivity each day, the Clarity Though Contrast process can help.

First, pick an area of life you want to reframe.

List all the things you currently don?t like, don?t want, and are upset about. It?s good to identify these things, which will reveal the contrast.

Once the contrast items are listed, for each item, you then ask yourself the question, ?So what do I want??

Write down what you do want instead.

Let?s say the topic you chose is your work. You?ve identified that you feel too busy and overwhelmed and you?re ready to change this.

You wrote in the contrast list that you don?t like working late every day, feeling behind, and continual interruptions from distractions, notifications and people.

You then ask yourself, ?So what do I want?”

In the Clarity list, you answer the question for each of the items you had listed on the Contrast list.

I like ending work on time and spending time with my family in the evening. I like feeling like I am in control of my schedule and task list and being on time. I want to be focused and create distraction-free time-blocks.

When you create your Clarity List, notice how your attentions shifts from the negative to the positive. As you focus on what you do want, you?re setting yourself up to create and receive more of this.

Are you experiencing contrast in an area of your life? What do you want instead?

Would you like some coaching on this? Schedule a free mini-coaching phone session with me, and I?ll help you to refocus your mindset from contrast to clarity.