Merry Christmas Eve!

Today I?m choosing to reflect on all the lovely people in my life and feel gratitude for the relationships we have.

I?m grateful for my husband and dogs, which make up my nuclear family. I?m truly feeling blessed that we are all together right now.

I?m grateful for my siblings, parents, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nieces and nephews. I?m really appreciating the time we?re able to spend together this week and enjoy each other?s company.

I?m super grateful for all my friends too!

And even though I?m choosing gratefulness today, that doesn?t mean everything is rainbows and daisies and perfect and happy joy joy.

There are times where things haven?t gone the way I?d planned. People don?t act the way I?m expecting them to. I think thoughts that cause me to feel irritated.

And yet, it?s ok. It?s all ok. It?s part of the human experience. In those times, I just stay in the present and notice the feeling. I recognize the thoughts. As I let the feeling of irritation be there, rather than push against it, it begins to diminish, and I?m able to refocus and redirect my thoughts back to gratefulness.

I hope you?re able to enjoy the lovely feelings of gratefulness this Holiday Season. And spend time with people you love.

Even if you have feelings like irritation, it?s ok. You can be aware of it, then decide how to proceed. Gratitude and love are awesome feelings to choose.

Have you taken time and mental energy to consciously feel gratitude for the people in your life that you love? How would your life be different if you replaced irritation with gratitude?

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