Dictionary.com defines busyness as:
1. the quality or condition of being busy.
2. lively but meaningless activity.

Wow, check out the second definition: busyness is meaningless!

Do you find yourself thinking you?re super busy all the time? Do you find yourself talking to everyone about how busy you are?

In today?s culture, being busy is often thought of as a desirable status.

If you?re busy, it means you?re important, right?

If you?re doing a lot of activity, it means you?re valuable, right?

Not exactly.

If your activity isn?t full of meaning and importance for you, then it?s just activity with no value.

I can identify with the busyness habit. I used to feel so busy and talk about how busy I was.

I generally felt overwhelmed and defeated, wishing for relief but not knowing how to get it.

The answer finally came when I learned the coaching tools about managing my mind, and I also learned the value of prioritizing my time for the most important activities to achieve my goals and live my best life.

Are you ready for a change from busyness to a meaningful and managed life?

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