I read this cool email this morning from Brian Johnson, founder of PhilosophersNotes and Optimal Living 101 and author of the book A Philosopher?s Notes (https://www.optimize.me). Brian sends emails daily with snippets of books and his commentary about them.


‘The first principle is simply this: you are here to become the-best-possible-version-of-yourself. It would seem clear that you are not here to become the second-rate-version-of-yourself. Nor are you here to be another version of your parents, teachers, friends, or siblings. At some very basic foundational level you are here to be yourself. Being yourself is much more difficult than most would suppose, however, because it requires the real work of self-discovery. Nonetheless, in this you share a common bond with all men, women, and children, for we are all here to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. The best way to live, therefore, is in such ways that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself. …
Everything makes sense in relation to the first principle. Life is about saying yes to the things that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself and no to the things that don?t. It is not more complicated than that. Of course, we manage to complicate it quite a deal more. On a different plane of thinking the concept becomes a thing of beauty, for we finally realize that anyone or anything that does not help us to become a better-version-of-ourselves is just too small for us. What liberation and joy we experience when we make this truth our own for the very first time.’

? Matthew Kelly
from Off Balance”

I really love this description, and I definitely believe in this concept that life is about becoming my best self and living my best life.

This is going to be my goal and focus for 2017 – I just decided. I?m really loving the idea that by focusing on this and making it a priority, it helps with all my decision making and also brings liberation and joy!

Have you been living to become the best version of yourself? What would life look like if this was your priority? Have you experienced the liberation, joy and ease of decision making that comes from having such a clear priority and focus?

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