This morning, I was thinking about what is productivity. It seems so subjective. I think we all have different views about what it actually is.

Is it the same as efficiency? Is it about getting the most essential work done in an allotted amount of time? Is it working all the time?

I was thinking about productivity in terms of the thought model. Is it a circumstance, thought, feeling, action or result?

At first, I was thinking that productivity could not be a circumstance because everyone would not agree on whether something or someone was productive, way too ambiguous. Circumstances are facts. Everyone would agree, and it could be proven in a court of law.

Then, I looked up the definition. defines productivity as a noun:

?The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.”

So, the ability to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services, is productivity, which the definition is saying is a fact.

We are all ?able to? do those things, so we are all productive by right. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Yet, I think sometimes we view productivity in terms of how much or how little we?ve produced. We wonder, if we’re maximizing our productivity.

What about productivity as a thought, feeling, action or result? These do also seem to apply.

I can be thinking I?m productive or not productive. It is a thought. What makes it true? If we choose to believe it or not. If we want to believe it, we will be looking for evidence to prove it true. Which ever thought we are looking for evidence for is the evidence we will find.

Do you want to believe you are productive? How does it make you feel to believe this?

If you believe you are productive, do you feel productive? And if you feel productive, do you then continue to produce? And prove the thought true? I think so.

What about the opposite. Do you believe you are not productive? How does this make you feel? Lazy? Inadequate? Worthless?

If you are thinking that thought and feeling those feelings, are you likely to then produce? Unlikely, right? Instead, you might be more likely to wallow, seek distractions, and do anything other than productive work.

Then, you?ll be proving that thought true that you aren?t productive.

The action doesn?t produce the feeling and thoughts. The feeling and thoughts produce the action.

Want to be more productive? Choose thoughts that validate your productivity!

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