I listened to a really interesting podcast episode yesterday during my run that talked about this question: Am I doing enough?

Do you ever find yourself asking this question? I know I have.

And it can feel different whether the question is asked with curiosity and interest in growing versus if it?s asked out of feeling inadequate and like a failure.

The episode was from Health Mindset Podcast with fellow life coach, Andrea Hanson, episode 11.

Andrea explained a meditative type process to get to the heart of this question and the answer.

Basically, in a quiet place, ask yourself the question and listen for the answer.

Sometimes the answer will come in a picture or a sentence. Maybe there is more that you can be doing, and asking yourself in this way will reveal the solution.

Or, maybe you are doing exactly what you should be doing, and your inner self will calm your concerns when you listen.

I love the idea of approaching this question this way.

What about you, do you find yourself asking if you?re doing enough? Does it come from a place of learning or defeat? Do you have a process to get to the answer?

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