Today, I was listening to another of Brooke?s podcasts from The Life Coach School podcast, her latest one released yesterday: Episode #146, Compelling Reason. Listen here.

This was actually a rough podcast to listen to because she dug into what commitment really looks like.

In order to achieve success, it?s not enough to desire something. It?s not enough to believe in something. In order to achieve, we have to commit.

And by committing, she explained this means that many things will go wrong, many things won?t work, many things will feel hard and awful.

We will try things and they will fail. We?ll experience rejection and disappointments.

But to commit means to still keep going. Keep taking action toward our goal.

So, in order to commit and keep going through the hard times, we must have a compelling reason.

Why are we doing this? Why do we want to achieve this?

Brooke has talked about her compelling reason, which is to be an example of what?s possible.

I love this compelling reason! It?s so inspiring and it is also a compelling reason of mine.

There is also a competing desire within us that is the voice of complacency. The voice that wants to stay comfortable and stay the same.

When we make a big commitment to achieve a specific goal, and we?ve defined our compelling reason, we will also have to overcome the competing voice. The commitment includes saying no to that competing voice.

Can you think of a time when you were truly committed to something, had a strong compelling reason, and achieved your goal? How does it feel? Alternatively, have you had a goal, but not a very strong compelling reason, not a strong commitment, and didn?t achieve the goal? How does that feeling compare?

I know I?ve experienced both, and now that I know more about the commitment and compelling reason, this knowledge will definitely help me with goal setting going forward.

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