About Rebekah


Do you suffer from not getting enough sleep?
Do you find yourself staying up late and getting up early every day against your own will?
Do you wonder, “Where does the time go?”

I?m Rebekah Anderson, Life Coach. I specialize in helping professionals like you to feel rejuvenated and back in control of their lives through better sleep routines.

I used to stay up late and had a hard time waking up in the morning. This contributed to a lack of consistency with exercise and an overall feeling of being out of control. I thought this pattern was just who I was and that I didn?t really have any control or willpower to change.

However, I was finally introduced to the idea that I really could create the nighttime and morning routines which gave me the sleep I needed and could then take control of my life back. Now, I love my early to bed routine and early to wake up and go workout habits I?ve created.

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach through The Life Coach School and a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach through Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

I live in West Sacramento, CA with my husband and two dogs. We enjoy an active lifestyle along with fun socializing activities.

Before starting my coaching business, I was an independent consultant for over 5 years in the telcom industry, providing leasing and permitting for wireless facilities. I worked in this field for over 8 years. Prior to that industry, I worked in the California State Capitol for several years for various elected state representatives. I received my Bachelor?s degree from California State University, Sacramento and also completed the California Senate Fellowship program.

Through my own experiences and Life Coach Training, I have learned the tools and processes to create a life with consistent and rejuvenating routines for bedtime and morning, and I have learned how to get the sleep I need to stay sane. I can help you too, through my one-on-one coaching program.

We will assess where you are currently, and together we will design a plan to achieve your ideal sleep, including where it all starts, nighttime and morning routines. We will discover the subconscious thoughts that have been holding you back from change so far, and we will create a solution that works.

I love working with driven professionals like you, who are ready to make a change and willing to put in the work required to really create the life they desire.

I work with men and women who recognize there?s a problem and are eager to solve it by looking inward and putting in the work.

I?ll work with you one-on-one over the phone. We will schedule eight (8) 50-minute phone sessions, approximately one week apart. I provide email support in addition to the sessions. I will also be providing daily activities for you to utilize to make the changes in your life.

After completing the coaching program, you will have a new bedtime routine, new sleep pattern, and new refreshed mornings and days. You will begin to see the possibilities of life as you are now back in control of what you do and how you live.



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