I found myself thinking that I have a lot going on today and then noticing how that thought made me feel overwhelmed.

The following thoughts were: ?How am I going to get it all done?? and “I don?t think I?ll be able to do it? and ?This sucks?.

All these thoughts were producing a stressful feeling. I can feel the stress rising through my chest and it?s tight. I sense the need to breath deeply through it.

After recognizing my thoughts and feelings, I anticipated my actions and results if I continued with this thought pattern.

I would likely plug away at completing the tasks at hand, yet not being as focused or productive as I would be with different thoughts and feelings. I would be scattered and probably jump from one thing to the next without fully completing the first.

The result would prove my thoughts true. I wouldn?t get it all done and it would suck.

The cool part is that I can change this model starting with my thoughts. I get to choose how I?ll think and feel about this.

So, I?m choosing to think: ?I?ve got this!? “I can focus and get it all completed.? “It will be awesome!”

Focusing on these thoughts, I feel empowered, motivated, focused, confident.

With these thoughts and feelings, I anticipate working through the tasks with focus, efficiency, and the swiftness required to get everything done.

The result will be that I get the tasks accomplished, and it will be awesome!

How do you want your day to be today?

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