Today is the first day we?re really getting down to the business of packing. We have some family coming over who?ve volunteered to help pack!

We?ll start with the garage and kitchen today, along with bubble wrapping glass stuff. I think after today we should make huge headway.

I?m feeling great about this process and not overwhelmed because I?m being very conscious of how I?m thinking about it.

I?m choosing thoughts like: ?This is great.? ?We have plenty of time.? ?We have a good plan.? These thoughts feel very in control.

Alternative thoughts I could think are: ?There?s so much to do.? ?This is hard.? These thoughts cause overwhelm and anguish. Those thoughts would not serve any purpose and wouldn?t be helpful.

What are the thoughts you?re choosing today? How do they make you feel? How would you prefer to be thinking?

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